“I looked at 12-14 different child care/preschool settings for my 22 month old son. After seeing a number of child care centers that were terrific but too big, or full during the Fall time of year, I came across Rocking Horse Friends.

An Infant educator friend of mine had let me know that Terei (Director of Rocking Horse Friends) had just opened up her own home Child Care Center. After sharing how well seasoned Terei was, having run other child care programs as a director and having been a mentor to others, I knew I had to go see for myself.

I love love love this program.  It is everything I was looking for.  Terei’s program is a small program run out of her home.  It takes only about 12 children and she focuses on infants through toddlers (0-3 years).  She is very enthusiastic about indoor/outdoor play, and she even has an outdoor mudroom kitchen (loads of safe kitchen items to play with!).

As a mom, I was anxious about leaving my son somewhere new. Terei was so kind and thorough addressing all my concerns; both walking me through how that process would go as well as talking about developmental milestones for toddlers and parents alike!

Finally, Terei actually prepares snacks and lunch for my son and he gobbles down everything she makes!  On those days I don’t have to worry about packing a lunch or wondering if my son has eaten. Which frees me up to do other things.

Again, I think this new child care program is a gem and I feel lucky to have found it.  I would recommend Rocking Horse Friends to other fellow parents of young toddlers! (and infants!)”


“There is substantial research showing that a child’s earliest relationships outside the home have profound impacts on the quality of attachments that child will build for years to come. In that way, my own capacity to authentically connect with other people (both personally and professionally) finds its origins in my youngest and most vulnerable years, under the care offered by Terei. She provided a relational template that will last me a lifetime.

Matt F.

“We had the pleasure of working with Terei Baker for many years. She was both of our daughter’s long time care giver. I say “working with” because that’s truly how it feels with Terei; a collaboration between her, us as the parents, and our child(ren) to provide a personal and unique type of care to meet our family’s needs. Her intuition and empathy towards each individual child is what made this experience so profound for us. Terei’s guidance through raising our daughters has been irreplaceable; I couldn’t recommend anyone better to provide such quality care for our two little ones.”

Nicole W.

I’ve known Terei for many years and can highly recommend her. She is very dedicated to the well-being of children and families plus she comes from a background of education, teaching, and involvement in her community of Marin.


“Terei is a wonderful caregiver. She’s sensitive to both the kid and parent’s feelings and needs. I really appreciated that about her during the time she took care of my son. He was a bit difficult as a baby, lots of gas, big cry. Terei was so patient with him and helped us get a handle on his gas issues. She was very thorough in her care of him and in communicating with us what works, what doesn’t with him. She’s a great communicator which I think is important in this role, especially for parents entrusting their kids for the first time to another caretaker. Terei is clearly very knowledgable and experienced when it comes to raising and educating children. She has decades of relevant experience. Your kids are in great hands with her.”


“Terei has all the traits one requires of a caregiver – responsible, trustworthy, reliable and patient. However, what made Terei special for us was her wonderful understanding of children’s cognitive abilities and needs at different stages of development. This enabled her to quickly establish a close bond with Lachlan because she was also responsive and willing to engage him. In any situation, she was particularly good at providing Lachlan numerous opportunities to express and explore, whilst offering him options and supporting him in his decision making. We were also impressed with Terei’s keen sense of observation with regards to Lachlan’s development. By sharing her observations with us, she often helped us further understand reasons underlying Lachlan’s particular behavioral change. Even when “discipline” was required, Terei was never quick to reprimand. Instead, she was effective in communicating and helping Lachlan understand boundaries in a positive way. Lachlan also benefited much from Terei’s love for music. Together, they would spend many happy hours playing and singing (and she has a beautiful voice!). Not only did we find a wonderful friend for our boys, I learned greatly from her wisdom and experience with children. She was always a great resource. We are indeed very fortunate to have found a caregiver our family has grown to love and cherish as a dear friend.”


“I was fortunate enough to have Terei as my nighttime doula from the time my twin boys, Max and Cas, were three weeks old until they were approximately eight weeks old. Terei took care of the boys for three to four nights per week. She was always responsive to their needs. Her knowledge about newborns, particularly ways to help them learn night from day, were very helpful to us and we still use her information as we try to get our boys to sleep longer stretches. I never had any doubt that they were in loving, nurturing hands.”


“My husband and I were anxious first-time parents when we first met and interviewed Terei — I was returning to work after maternity leave when our daughter Sarah was four months old. We were immediately put at ease by Terei’s thoughtful responses to our questions and we were thrilled with her wealth of experience caring for infants. Terei was always very sensitive to and respectful of Sarah’s needs, wants, and moods, as well as her stages of development. Terei had a very conscientious devotion and gentle way with our child, which we will always be grateful for. Also, Terei is fun – she gets down on the floor with the baby and plays and sings and explores things. Our daughter was so extremely lucky to have Terei for a caregiver!”


Terei Baker has created a nurturing home away from home for little ones at Rocking Horse Friends – an absolutely perfect environment and program that meets and generally exceeds the best practices recommended by organizations like NAEYC.

Terei is truly a gifted educator, an authority in infant/toddler development, and a child and parent ally. I am a former ECE educator and had very high standards when looking for care for my children. We were so blessed to find Terei. She taught me so much, and I rested easy knowing my children were in the very best hands. Yours will be too!

Vanessa L.

I have my daughter enrolled here since I went back to work when she was 4 months old. I am absolutely thrilled with RHF and highly recommend it. I feel entirely comfortable at work and get updates throughout the day, including photos which always make me smile. Terei is fantastic and the kids get such incredible care. She has tremendous experience in childcare and early education, and Susannah and she are so caring and sweet. I have complete confidence my baby is loved and being well taken care of!

Tory T.

My daughter has been going to rocking horse friends since Nov 2018 and absolutely loves it! I love watching her little face light up when she sees Terei every morning.
We have been welcomed into their family and I am able to go to work confident that she is having a fun day!
I love the range in activities and that her day is spent learning through play!

Elizabeth C.

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