Our “curriculum” is purely play-based. You will not see us using ditto’s or coloring pages to teach the ABC’S, 1,2,3’s, colors and/or shapes. Instead you will see creative projects that wrap around all the academic subjects that will, eventually, prepare our children for public education. Counting, measuring, weighing, letter and number recognition, and even writing and reading are all accomplished. 

 Ultimately, we believe that it is through social and emotional development and education that truly prepares our children for success in the world. Classic teaching of academics and rote learning will not be found here at Rocking Horse Friends. What you will see is talking with children about what they are feeling, what might be happening with their friend(s), how they might be able to use their words in a little different way.

Also you may hear us asking “what happens when you put that cork in the water compared to that rock?” or “what color do you think red and blue makes?” or “how long does it take for this heavy ball, compared to this lighter ball, to roll down that ramp?”. You see, all sorts of “academic” learning is taking place purely through play.



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