About Us

Our mission is to support each child’s innate ability to explore, discover and create a strong sense of self. Our work nurtures curiosity, resiliency and kindness. The children will come away with a sense of appreciation of others and the world around them


We are able to inspire this through our philosophy of child growth and development: that it first starts with the child learning to know themselves through focused and respectful dialog, conversations and care. Children learn who they are by knowing they are seen and understood by the caregivers in their lives. Helping them to understand their very important place in this world is tantamount to how important our work is.


The first place this starts if from a deep sense of relationship and trust, connecting with each child. Time is spent getting to know each child as an individual. The child learns to first trust the adults in their world, their environment and finally themselves as they learn to navigate their world. We want to provide each child with a strong sense of self that, no matter what “world” they find themselves in, they will be able to adapt and still hold true to who they know they are…strong, competent, resilient and kind.

Hours:  7:30 – 5:30

Ages:  4 months – 3.5 years

Ratio:  1:3 (adult:child)

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks

Curriculum:  Play-Based with RIE and Reggio inspirations

Tuition:  Please call for a Tour  415.747.5582

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